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chemtrails containing covid virus

ZERO DEATHS and Only Cures From Hydroxychloroquine Use Proves All Who Opposed It Are Guilty Of Planned and Premeditated Mass Murder, Attempted Murder, Genocide, An Agenda 21 Depopulation Event. WE DEMAND THE ARREST OF ALL 33rd DEGREE AND HIGHER FREEMASONS FOR STARTERS!

Are You Really Going To Believe a Fact Checker That Has Been Caught in So Many Lies. This is Real and Was Sprayed on Most People Without Their Knowledge. Anyone With Half a Brain Knows They Planned This Event and it's All About Lowering The Population. Never Lose Sight Of Who We Are Dealing With Though. This is Also a Satanic Blood Ritual Carried Out By Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons To Mass Murder As Many People As Possible By a DNA-Altering Vaccine. This is an Orchestrated Genocide Unless You Are Too Blind, Deaf, or Stupid To Figure It Out. They Have Used Depopulation Events Throughout The Ages, Especially During Times When Humanity Periodically Goes Through Shifts in Consciousness, Which is Exactly What Began Around The Year 2012. They Knew 2012 Was Coming…

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